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Posted by on Nov 15, 2021 in Song Writing |

If you’ve come across songwriting guides, you most likely know that they don’t tell the audience that this art is mainly about how they perceive the world and lead their lives. It’s also about your skills with music and words. Essentially, writing brilliant songs is not only about chasing hit songs.

Nevertheless, songwriting is a cathartic and wonderful experience for some people. Being a songwriter entails crafting original and unique lyrics that the audience loves. But like most crafts, writing brilliant songs requires hard work, practice, and time. Some aspiring songwriters creating original songs is at first intimidating. However, you can become an excellent songwriter by following this guide.

Start with Chord Progression

The first and essential thing that any songwriter should do when starting is to establish a chord progression. To do this, begin by taking around three chords and using them to create a rhythm. For instance, you can take these chords in the C key. Use the chords I, IV, and V, or C, F, and G. These chords serve as most modern pop songs’ foundations. Play your chord progression on an instrument several times until you create a consistent and smooth rhythm track that you can play while making a melody.

Create Your Melody

A melody comprises a notes’ succession that forms a distinctive sequence. It’s a tune that a person hums after hearing a catchy song. A songwriter can create a lovely melody by recording their chord progression on a tape player. After that, play the chord progression while making a melody.

Some songwriters improvise with their voices to create good melodies. Others play several notes on a scale on a guitar or piano while playing the chords back on a tape player. Nevertheless, you can experiment with any method to determine what works best for you. Play your melody or sing over the recording to ensure that you have something nice.

Write the Lyrics

The best way to write lyrics is to use random poems, ideas, or thoughts on a paper before setting the final version. But if you don’t have written ideas, take the time to develop new lyric ideas. Write anything relevant that comes to mind when you feel creative.

Sing the melody while playing back the recorded chord progression to see if they fit your writing. In this step, avoid over-thinking because you can revise your lyrics later. Ideally, focus on developing a complete song because you can edit it later.

Arrange and Edit the New Song

Once you have a chord progression, melody, and impressive lyrics, move on to arrange and edit your song. In this step, put your piece in the following order.

  • The intro
  • Verse
  • Chorus
  • Verse
  • Chorus
  • Bridge or instrumental solo
  • Chorus x 2

Don’t forget that the verse should have a different melody from that of the chorus. Usually, a song verse is wordier and has a story. Typically, the hook or chorus is a shorter phrase and a melody that you repeat over and over to catch your audiences’ ears. You can have the same music for the verse and the chorus, but the tune should be different. Once done, record the song and keep practicing to perfect your craft.

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Posted by on Nov 10, 2021 in Arts and Entertainment, Music |

Music, arts, and photography are three areas that are closely linked since they contribute to life’s value. They are an essential component of human culture, and they should be appreciated without limits. They make life a little more significant, a little more pleasurable. Music, art, and photo are three domains that are mutually linked since each adds to life’s value. Each has its own meaning in contributing to life’s worth. In this article, we shall discuss how music, arts & photography are related.

  1. They use creativity to express themselves

Art, photography, and music all entail the creation of something unique and creative. A painter, for example, uses his or her abilities to bring a scene into being in their imagination through painting on a surface. Photographers capture events as they happen through their lenses as well as the vision they have inside themselves regarding an issue. Musicians utilize their instruments and their knowledge of music theory to play and compose tunes and playlists. Creativity is an important part of each domain.

  1. They are all forms of artistic expression

All three domains are expressions in one form or another, even if they can sometimes be rationalized in other ways.  Music is often thought of as mathematical due to its use of frequencies, chords, and other elements that seem like numbers. Photography has the appearance of a technicality because it requires focusing on objects with appropriate lighting at specific exposures. On the other hand, paintings can sometimes be viewed as emotions manifested in ways that cannot be described, but only felt. All three domains are forms of artistic expression.

  1. Promote self-expression & emotional intelligence

Each of the three domains encourages self-expression and emotional intelligence, as well. An artist expresses his or her emotions by painting them onto a canvas. The photographer captures images that display human emotions for all to see. Musicians write music about their ideas and translate those thoughts into something others can appreciate and enjoy. Each domain promotes self-expression and emotional intelligence.

  1. They share a common practical purpose

All three domains also have practical purposes, even though they are often thought of as fictional or esoteric activities. For example, music is useful for relaxing and relieving stress. It can provide inspiration in stressful situations like work or school. Photography encourages us to see the world around us by capturing our view of it. A picture not only tells a story, but it shows us something new in the world with each glance. Each domain shares a common practical purpose in some way.

  1. Enable us to make sense of the world

Finally, music, art, and photography together enable us to make sense of the world. A song can be something that reminds us of a happy time in the past or it can inspire us for an event in the future. Art allows us to depict what our imagination shows us through pictures on canvas. Photo enables us to share stories with others through images on paper or screens. Each domain gives us something that connects to our experiences of the world in some way.

  1. All domains involve a performer and an audience

Another similarity between music, art, and photography is the fact that all three domains involve a performer and an audience. The artist is the performer in painting; musicians are performers through playing their instruments as well as singing. Photographers can be viewed as performers given that they choose how to frame what they want to capture. Each domain involves a performer and an audience in some way.

  1. They are all accessible to the public

Finally, each of the three domains is available to anyone who wants to participate in them. All forms of art can be bought by anyone for their homes, given that they have enough money to do so. Photography is something millions of people have access to through their smartphones. Music is something that anyone can hear using technology. The three domains are accessible to the public in some way or another.

Music, arts & photography are interconnected since every part of our lives contains a little bit of each one. These three domains make us feel or consider the world in a different way. In this article, we have discussed how music, arts & photography are related. They employ creativity to express themselves, which is considered an artistic medium, promotes self-expression and emotional intelligence, shares a similar practical goal, and enables us to make sense of the world. They are all connected since they all aid in creating an identity and making our lives more worth living.

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Posted by on Oct 16, 2021 in Arts and Entertainment, Music |

Music, art, and photography are three very important aspects of our lives today. They affect our emotions, and also the way we see life and everything around us. These three aspects can be recognized as a very powerful tool that was given to us by the creator for entertainment purposes and means of self-expression. From the beginning of time, they have been used to portray what is happening around us, to educate, and even as an escape from reality. Each one has its own role in shaping our lives, but all three overlap each other, they influence our emotions and behavior daily whether we like it or not. In this article, we will look at each one individually and how it affects our lives and the way we live.


Music has the power to touch us on the deepest of levels. It has been said that music can alter moods, reduce physical pain, and even elicit memories from our past. Music refers to sounds or tones that can possibly evoke an emotional response from an individual. It is not just about entertainment but involves the use of our entire body to produce sound. This medium has been used as a form of expression for centuries. Musical forms have evolved and are now recognized worldwide. Music continues to be part of our everyday lives through the use of radios, computers, and numerous other techniques. It can be used as a means of entertainment or to stir our feelings to get an important message across. Music helps in adding value to our life by

  • Music is a universal language
  • Music has the power to heal
  • Listening to music can reduce physical pain by up to 50%
  • Listening to music will make you happier and more energetic for long periods, even after listening for as little as 5 minutes
  • Music improves concentration levels and mental performance in general
  • The right type of music can help create an atmosphere that’s perfect for any occasion – from getting ready in the morning, working out at the gym, or studying for exams


Art has been a part of human culture since the earliest periods in our history. This form of expression is used to communicate ideas, share stories or even influence political views. It can be as simple as drawing on a cave wall to as complex as creating a statue. Art has always been used to express man’s emotions and feelings, there is no time in history where artists did not paint what they saw or felt. Art helps us see the world differently by depicting different types of emotions and colors which lead us to appreciate beauty more than we normally would. Sometimes paintings do not depict reality but rather what the artist wants us to see, this opens our eyes and leads us to think differently about the world around us. Art has been said to change our world and highlights the delicate balance between reality and imagination. Arts can add value to our lives in a variety of ways.

  • Arts and culture can be an important part of a community’s identity
  • The arts provide opportunities for people to learn new skills, develop their talents and interests, and connect with others in the community
  • Creative industries are becoming increasingly important as they generate economic benefits such as jobs, income, exports, and tourism
  • The arts contribute to social well-being by building connections between communities through shared experiences
  • Learning the arts improves cognitive abilities such as memory, attention span, and problem-solving skills
  • Artistic pursuits increase self-confidence which leads to better mental health
  • People who engage in artistic activities have lower rates of depression than those who don’t participate in these activities at all!


Photography is one of the most recent forms of expression; it has been around for only about 200 years with the camera being invented by Joseph Nicephore Niepce. A photograph is a representation of the world taken through a lens. It allows us to share in an experience we may not otherwise have had. Photography has become popular in the past few decades and continues to grow every day. The use of an art form has become more accessible through the internet, personal computers, and other technological advances. Photography helps in adding value to our lives and is used as a form of documentation and entertainment. Some benefits include:

  • Photography allows us to add value to our lives by
  • Photos are a way to capture the memories of life
  • Photos can be used as an art form, with many different styles and techniques
  • Photos can make you feel nostalgic
  • The colors in photos help people remember what they were feeling at that moment
  • Photos can inspire us to create new things or do more activities for ourselves
  • Through photography, we learn about other cultures and ways of life

Music, art, and photography all add value to our lives in many different ways. They can help us relax and reduce pain, be happier and more energetic, more focused and creative, and increase self-confidence. Music can help change our mood and create an atmosphere for any occasion while art is created to express how we feel about the world around us. Photographing helps us preserve and share memories that we would normally lose. All of these activities help generate economic benefits and increased community participation and creativity. So the next time you see your favorite artist, go to a concert, or take photos of the world around you make sure to appreciate these activities and their positive impacts on your life.